67 Camaro Restoration

4 thoughts on “67 Camaro Restoration

  1. This little Camaro was found in Georgia,It had been locked away in a basement for about 23 years,it’s now a running driving long term project that you will get to see off and on while we bounce between customer cars and shop cars when things are slow.I hope you enjoy watching some of these cars come together and please feel free to comment on anything that interest you as you watch what we do.

  2. Godfather Streetrodz, your Camaro looks awesome! My first car was a ’68, it was beautiful and I miss it! I purchased a ’67 in June that I need help getting restored. It was set up as a drag car, but there is no drive train, interior, and some rust. I know before you begin a project you need to know what your intentions are and I want to drive it not keep it in the garage. I would like to talk about ideas for the drive train. I have pictures, but need to figure out how to post them. Please let me know if you are interested in helping me get it on the road. I am in the military and live about 20 miles south of Savannah, Ga.
    Thank you,

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